At Chrome 57, we specialize in Custom, Full Color Dash Plaques. Our high quality dash plates are digitally printed, collectible memories for your car show!

Custom Dash Plaques

Whether it’s your first car show or your fiftieth, we can help make it your best. Included in the price is our expertise. We listen to your ideas, work with you, and custom craft the perfect design. If you have existing artwork, we use that too! See our Dash Plaque Pricing below.

Think Branding. Think Collectibles. At Chrome 57, we work with you to take that extra step. The same design that brings your dash plates to life can be used on t-shirts and promotional items. We can help develop a goody bag of memories to complement your custom dash plaques!

Rally Plaques

Not long ago, a customer wanted a plaque in the shape of the British Rally sticker. It proved so popular, Rally Plaques became an official Chrome 57 offering. Printed on aluminum and featuring a unique half circle shape with rounded corners, it may be the perfect “standout” design for your car cruise. See our Rally Plaque Pricing below.

Dash Plaque Pricing

  • 2″x 3″ – $.95 each
  • 3″x 3″ – $1.00 each
  • 3″x 4″ – $1.05 each
  • 1.5″x3″ Rally Plaques – $1.40 each

Each plaque is individually packaged in a 4 mil plastic sleeve for a professional presentation.